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Taste of The Wild Cat Food Reviews

If you have a cat, you might have a hard time suppressing his natural instincts – read a few Taste of the Wild cat food reviews and you’ll realize you don’t have to.

With this cat food brand, you’ll be able to feed your cat a food that not only brings out his wild side, but keeps him healthy, too. There are lots of reasons to consider this cat food brand – keep reading, and we’ll tell you exactly why.

Taste of the Wild Company Overview

Taste of the Wild is a cat food that is described as the “balanced diet that nature intended.” That’s quite the promise! Nevertheless, this brand lives up to all the hype. This cat food is affordable and high-quality, with grain-free options that are inspired by what your cat would eat in the wild.

An affordably-priced brand, it always includes some kind of meat as the first ingredient – and we’re not just talking about the most common, run-of-the-mill proteins you might see in cat foods (like chicken and beef), either. You’ll find unusual meats like roasted duck, smoked trout, and even wild boar in these foods!

The Taste of the Wild brand is disowned by Diamond Pet Food. This American company opened its doors in 1970 and was founded by Richard Kampeter and Gary Schell, two brothers-in-law with the goal of offering quality pet foods for dogs and cats.

Taste of the Wild isn’t the only food offered by this brand. You’ll also find Nutra Nuggets, NutraGold, and several other pet foods under the Diamond name – which are the country’s top suppliers and packers of pet food.

Headquartered in Meta, Missouri, Diamond Pet Food has several manufacturing facilities all around the country. All five are in the United States, with Taste of the Wild manufactured and shipped from South Carolina, California, Arkansas, and Missouri.

The ingredients in Taste of the Wild cat food are sourced from all over the world. You’ll find lamb from New Zealand and Australia, duck from France, and vitamins and minerals from China, just to name a few. Some ingredients are also sourced directly from the United States.

Ingredients in Taste of the Wild Cat Food

In Taste of the Wild cat food, you’ll always find meat as the first ingredient. There are several meats included in the foods, including chicken meal, roasted venison, ocean fish meal, smoked salmon, and more.

Some other common ingredients in Taste of the Wild cat food include:

● Pea protein
● Potato protein
● Dried chicory root
● Peas
● Chicken fat
● Smoked salmon
● Blueberries
● Raspberries

On average, a cup of Taste of the Wild cat food has about 390 calories. This can vary depending on the formula, though.

Varieties of Taste of the Wild Cat Food

There are a number of cat foods manufactured by Taste of the Wild. Unlike other cat food brands, all Taste of the Wild foods are grain-free with meat as the primary ingredient. You’ll find the typical lineup of vitamins and minerals in these foods, but a unique feature of all Taste of the Wild food is that they contain probiotics, too. Probiotics in Taste of the Wild cat food were designed specifically for cats and are added after the food has been cooked to ensure its potency.

Beyond that, Taste of the Wild cat foods can be broken down into two large categories: Taste of the Wild Prey (limited ingredient cat food) and Taste of the Wild, which is the original line with several recipes for cats.

The original line includes four main recipes – Rocky Mountain and Canyon River, both of which are offered in dry and wet versions. The Prey line includes a variety of foods, all of which only have four ingredients – sunflower oil, animal protein, lentils, and tomato pomace. There are two formulas in this lineup, both of which are dry foods.

Some of the most popular Taste of the Wild flavor varieties include

● Roasted Quail
● Roasted Duck
● Roasted Bison and Venison
● Grain-Free Roasted Venison and Smoked Salmon
● Roasted Bison, Roasted Venison, and Ancient Grains

Features and Benefits of Taste of the Wild Cat Food

There are several major features and benefits of Taste of the Wild cat food that are worth mentioning.

For starters, all formulas have meat as the first ingredient. Not only will you find high-quality protein sources like chicken, salmon, turkey, or beef as the first ingredient listed on the Taste of the Wild cat food ingredients’ list, but you’ll quickly notice that each formula contains several types of protein in addition to that initial type.

Plus, these foods contain no artificial ingredients. You won’t have to worry about your cat eating foods that it wouldn’t be likely to eat in the wild. Nevertheless, the foods are offered at a reasonable price so you don’t have to break the bank in order to offer your pet a superior diet, either.

All Taste of the Wild cat foods also contain probiotics. Probiotics are “healthy” bacteria that are essential for proper immune and digestive functioning. Over time, a cat’s digestive tract can become depleted of these ingredients. With Taste of the Wild and other cat foods, the bacteria can be restored so your cat lives a long, earthly life.

Compared to other cat foods, Taste of the Wild has a relatively low carbohydrate content. On the flip side, it’s high in fat and protein. This is essential for all cats, but especially pets that are overweight or have certain health conditions.

Disadvantages of Taste of the Wild Cat Food

There are a few less than desirable features of Taste of the Wild cat food, as there are with most other brands on the market.

For one, some Taste of the Wild blends contain common allergens like fish and chicken. If you are concerned that your cat has allergies or sensitivities to a skein food – even if you’re not 100% sure what that food might be – you may want to choose from Tate of the Wild’s Prey line, which includes a limited number of ingredients (most of which are not common allergens) so you won’t have to worry about this potential disadvantage.

The foods also contain multiple sources of plant protein. Although that’s not necessarily a bad thing, it does give you, as the pet owner, a false impression of the actual protein in the food. Plant proteins like peas and potatoes can elevate the protein content of the food to make you assume that all of the protein comes from real meat.

Again, this isn’t necessarily unhealthy for your cat, but if you’re looking to feed him a diet inspired by nature, it can be a bit misleading.

Pros & Cons of Taste of the Wild Cat Food

● Available at just about every pet food store
● Offered at an affordable price, especially for a grain-free food
● Limited Ingredient offering available
● Real meat is the first ingredient
● Contains no artificial flavors
● Extensive recall history
● Contains some plant proteins, like pea and potato protein

Cost of Taste of the Wild Cat Food

Taste of the Wild cat food is not the cheapest cat food you can buy, but it’s inexpensive when you compare it to other grain-free or limited-ingredient foods. On average you’ll pay about $1.85 per day for wet food, while you’ll pay $0.75 to $0.80 per day for dry food in this line. The brand offers several bag sizes and bulk can packaging choices to help you save money, too.

Where to Buy Taste of the Wild Cat Food

You can purchase Taste of the Wild cat food from several common pet food retailers. It’s available from online retailers like as well as from brick and mortar retailers like Petco and Walmart. It is also available on Amazon.

Customer Reviews of Taste of the Wild Cat Food

When you’re looking at Taste of the Wild cat food reviews, you’ll find very few negative ones. Some customers don’t like the fact that Taste of the WIld is owned by Diamond Pet Food, a company that experienced several recalls since its inception in 1970.

The most recent recall was in 2012, when a number of foods (including Taste of the Wild cat food) were pulled from the shelves after they tested positive for salmonella bacteria. Other recalls have been due to salmonella as well, along with potential mold contamination.

It’s important to note that recalls are common among all cat food brands, however, especially when they’re manufactured by companies as large and as old as Diamond Pet Foods.

Some customers also complain that the cat food has a high carbohydrate content, especially when compared to the protein and fat content. This can lead to a lack of hydration in your cat’s diet, so it’s worth noting if your cat becomes dehydrated easily.

Otherwise, reviews of Taste of the WIld cat food are positive. Customers find that their cats transition easily to this food, especially when her transition is made slowly to avoid digestive upset. There are plenty of flavors to choose from, many of which are formulated especially for cats with digestive issues, too.

Is Taste of the Wild Cat Food a Good Choice for My Cat?

Unfortunately, offering your cat balanced nutrition in a food that he enjoys eating is much easier said than done.

With Taste of the Wild cat food, you’ll have a much easier time on your hands. This cat food is offered in a variety of flavors and formulas to meet every last need of your pet – and it has a flavor he’ll go crazy for.

Read any of the myriad Taste of the Wild Cat food reviews out there, and you’ll find that most cat owners agree – this food is one you’ll fall in love with feeding your pet, too.

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