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Open Nature Dog Food Review

Although it’s a relatively new brand, Open Nature is a dog food brand you need to consider. In this Open Nature Dog Food review, we will tell you everything you need to know.

After all, don’t you want to be well-informed when it comes to what you are feeding your dog? There’s no better way to improve your dog’s health and well being than to monitor what you’re putting into his body.

Here’s the most important information about Open Nature Dog Food, a relatively new – yet up and coming – dog food brand.

Open Nature Company Overview

Open Nature is a new company, with the brand launched only in 2011 and available to shoppers shortly thereafter. The product line hasn’t changed much since then, offering customers a tried-and-true dog food brand that they can rely on.

There are plenty of formulas for you to choose from. Open Nature, sold primarily at Safeway stores in the United States, is easy to find and offered at a relatively inexpensive price.

Open Nature Dog Foods usually do not contain any artificial flavors or colors and include meat as the first ingredient. The foods offer complete, balanced nutrition with no need to add additional supplements. Each blend is specifically formulated by nutritionists to meet the levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for All Life Stages.

Ingredients in Open Nature Dog Food

You won’t be blown away by the ingredients’ list in Open Nature Dog Food, but you won’t be disappointed, either. You’ll find average ratios of fat, protein, and carbohydrates here.

The exact ingredient list will vary depending on which formula you buy. However, most Open Nature Dog Food products contain ingredients like:

● Chicken
● Brown rice
● Chicken meal
● Pea protein
● Brewers rice
● Rice bran
● Dried beet pulp
● Chicken fat
● Dried peas
● Flaxseed
● Dried egg product
● Carrots
● Sweet potatoes
● Oatmeal
● Fish oil

The average calorie content in a serving of Open Nature Dog Food – about one cup – is 349 calories. Some foods are formulated for all life stages, so you’ll never have to worry about transitioning your pup to a new dog food brand. Young dogs and puppies can be fed just ⅓ to ½ cup of this formula for every two pounds of body weight. You can increase the amount for pregnant or lactating dogs, too.

Varieties of Open Nature Dog Food

You’ll find the typical lineup when it comes to Open Nature Dog Food. Not only does this brand offer a mixture of canned and dry dog food, but it offers specialty recipes for dogs at various life stages, too.

Open Nature also makes certain “special” formulas, like grain-free, puppy, and grain-inclusive foods. The company also manufactures cat food, which is packaged similarly to dog food. This line consists of three dry recipes and six wet or canned recipes.

Here are some of the most popular Open Nature Dog Food flavors:

● Salmon and Chickpea Dry Food
● Chicken and Chickpea Dry Food
● Lamb and Brown Rice Dry Food
● Puppy Chicken and Rice Dry Food
● Chicken and Brown Rice Dry Food
● Lamb Wet Food
● Beef and Chicken Wet Food
● Chicken Wet Food
● Beef and Vegetables Wet Food

Features and Benefits of Open Nature Dog Food

Open Nature contains a variety of meat and fish sources, including typical ingredients like salmon, lamb, beef, and chicken. Although these are good sources of protein for your pup, they are not uncommon sources of protein, so they don’t elevate the cost of the dog food. You won’t find foods like duck or venison in this dog food, which, although good for a dog, can really jack up the cost of the food.

There are other notable ingredients in Open Nature Dog Food, too. One of these is brown rice. Brown rice is considered a healthy source of carbohydrates, especially when offered to dogs in moderation. It contains all kinds of beneficial nutrients along with fiber. Brown rice, as opposed to white rice, is much better at locking in and delivering these nutrients right to your dog.

Open Nature also contains a unique legume – chickpeas. Chickpeas are plant-based and very healthy for dogs, offering a nutritious dose of plant-based protein. When fed in moderation, legumes are an excellent source of protein and do not add a ton of fat.

Another benefit of Open Nature Dog Food is that it has never been recalled. Although Open Nature is a relatively new brand, it has nearly a decade-long reputation of no known recalls or defects, which is important when you’re trying to keep your dog safe and healthy.

We also like that meat is usually the first ingredient in Open Nature Dog Food – usually, it’s fish, poultry, or some type of red meat. You’ll find very few wheat, soy, and corn ingredients in the food (particularly in Open Nature’s new grain-free line) and you’ll like that most foods do not contain artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors.

Open Nature Dog Food includes other beneficial ingredients, too. The food has fish oil added in, which includes healthy omega 3s and 6s that can improve your dog’s skin and coat health. The food also has things like dried cranberries, which are excellent at improving and maintaining the urinary tract health of your dog.

Plus, your dog is sure to love the flavor, since meat is almost always the first ingredient.

Disadvantages of Open Nature Dog Food

One of the most disappointing features of Open Nature Dog Food is its relatively low protein and fat content. In general, most dogs would do better with higher portions of both, particularly if those sources came from quality animal sources.

Though not technically a disadvantage, it’s important to note that there is no information available on what kind of testing Open Nature does to test its dog food products. If this kind of information matters to you when you’re purchasing a dog food – particularly if you’re concerned that a dog food was tested on other animals – you may want to select another brand.

There aren’t very many controversial ingredients in Open Nature Dog Food. Some people complain that the dog food contains dried beet pulp, which is often viewed as a filler in dog foods. The same goes for chicken fat. While these two ingredients don’t necessarily add a lot of nutrition to your dog’s diet, they won’t hurt him, either.

Pros & Cons of Open Nature Dog Food

● Affordable dog food, even when it comes to the grain-free variety
● Some flavors contain no grain, wheat, soy, or corn
● Most formulas have no artificial colors, preservatives, or flavors
● Money-back guarantee included with your purchase
● Formulas for all life stages and health needs
● Some controversial ingredients, like pea protein and beet pulp, are used
● Not all formulas are free from fillers and other artificial ingredients
● Only offered by Safeway retailers of Open Nature Food

Cost of Open Nature Food

Open Nature Dog Foods are some of the most popular for one simple reason – they are incredibly affordable. For a 30 lb bag of dry food in most flavors, you’ll pay $28.99. The price can fluctuate and vary, however, depending on the size you purchase and what formula you are interested in buying.

Where to Buy Open Nature Dog Food

Currently, you can buy Open Nature Dog Food at Safeway (both online and in-stores) as well as Instacart, an online retailer that offers a vast selection of Safeway products.

Customer Reviews of Open Nature Dog Food

Most Open Nature Dog Food reviews are positive. Customers like how large and expansive the Open Nature Dog Food collection is. You’ll find just about every option in this brand, including those for puppies and seniors. Plus, there’s even a grain-free option.

Customers like that real meat is the first ingredient, as the food offers high-quality protein to help support healthy muscle development. In addition, the ingredients used in Open Nature to help add carbohydrates are also high-quality and whole.

In some Open Nature Dog Food reviews, you’ll see complaints about some of the ingredients used in the food. Of note are dried beet pulp, dried peas, and other dried foods. Although dried foods like sweet potatoes, egg, and carrots are not bad for your pup – in fact, they are actually quite nutritious – some customers are curious about why they are included dry instead of fresh.

The very simple reason for this is that, by drying the foods, they can be included in greater volume. This way, your dog gets the most nutrition possible without you having to feed him a super large portion of food. Although the heat used in many dehydration processes can, unfortunately, cause the foods to lose a small amount of nutrition, in most cases, that’s a trade-off that you just have to make.

Plus, the ingredients used in this dog food help keep the cost down. Although you won’t find top-dollar ingredients like duck and venison in this dog food, your wallet will appreciate the reprieve that Open Nature Dog Food’s cost-friendly meat selections provide.

Is Open Nature Dog Food a Good Choice for My Dog?

Still undecided on a dog food brand? Open Nature Dog Food is an excellent choice. Not only is this food well-balanced and offered at a moderate price, but it’s offered in a variety of formulas, flavors, and formats. It offers just about everything you could want in a dog food brand.

If you’re in the market for a diverse dog food that will satisfy the health needs and palates of dogs all over the world, you might want to consider Open Nature Dog Food. Hopefully, our Open Nature Dog Food review has shown you just how this dog food can help you out.

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