Evo Dog Food Review

In this day and age, it’s hard to decipher all of the marketing lingo that surrounds dog food advertising.



“Raw food.”

How are you supposed to know what kind of food will be best for your dog? There are thousands of brand options out there, all of which are surrounded by mysterious slogans and advertising descriptors.

Finding the right dog food can be tough. We’ll help demystify the process with our Evo Dog Food Review.

Evo Company Overview

Evo Dog Food is owned by Natura Pet, a company that was bought by Procter & Gamble in 2010. Other brands in the Natura Pet family include California Natural, Mother Nature Natural Dog Biscuits, Karma, Healthwise, and Innova. Of them, Karma is one of the most popular, featuring up to 95% all-organic ingredients.

Natura Pet makes it a point of including products that are natural and made with high-quality ingredients, while Proctor and Gamble is a larger – albeit equally reputable – company that was responsible for the purchase of Eukanuba and Iams several years back.

Natura has its origins in 1992, when owners Peter Atkins, John Rademaker, and Ann Rademaker opened the company with the goal of creating the healthiest pet food in the world. To do this, they worked with breeders, nutritionists, and veterinarians to find the most nutritious and highest-quality ingredients.

Although Natura started small, selling its goods primarily through veterinarians and specialty stores, its purchase by Procter and Gamble has made it possible for the brand to extend its reach. Despite the ownership by the large company, the quality of Natura foods has not declined in the slightest.

Evo and Natura follow solid manufacturing practices at the manufacturing plant in Fremont, Nebraska.there are more than 100 different internal quality control checks that are used to guarantee the safety of your dog’s food before it reaches the store shelves.

Ingredients in Evo Dog Food

Evo Dog Food is known for being high protein and low carbohydrates. It is a grain-free dog food that is one of the best for people who like the idea of raw pet food but like the convenience of cooked, premade food.

This food matches all the nutritional benefits of raw pet food without all the work. It has modern nutrition within the framework of an ancestral diet. It is both safe and convenient, including natural ingredients like red meat, chicken, turkey, salmon, herring, and more.

Other common ingredients found in Evo dog food include:

● Sunflower oil
● Beef
● Pork meal
● Salmon meal
● Peas
● Tapioca starch
● Beef fat
● Venison
● Bison
● Lamb
● Apples
● Cottage cheese
● Pumpkin
● Tomatoes
● Alfalfa sprouts
● Carrots
● Eggs
● Rosemary extract

Varieties of Evo Dog Food

Evo sells both dry and canned wet foods, including a variety of treats. Most of these are 95% meat. Some of the most popular formulations include:

● Red Meat Dry Dog Food
● Red Meat Small Bites Dry Food
● Turkey and chicken Dry Food
● Turkey and Chicken Small Bites Dry Food
● Herring and Salmon Dry Food
● Weight Management Dry Food
● Beef Canned Food
● Venison Canned Food
● Duck Canned Food
● Salmon and Herring Canned Food
● Turkey and Chicken Canned Food
● Turkey and Chicken Senior Dry Food
● Wild Cravings Red Meat Treats
● Wild Cravings Weight Management Treats
● Wild Cravings Herring Treats

Features and Benefits of Evo Dog Food

Evo Dog Food contains tons of meat protein. Although it’s a kibble, it has all the value of raw dog food but without the mess and convenience. It is grain-free, making it a good choice for dogs with food sensitivities or allergies. However, it’s important to note that the food does contain some carbohydrates and starches, but these are offered in the form of potatoes and carrots instead of grains.

Evo Dog Food has excellent protein sources like beef, pork meal, and salmon meal. Most beef used in Evo Dog Food is offered in its whole form, which means it still contains all of its moisture. It offers easily digestible nutrients like zinc and iron.

Pork meal, on the other hand, has been cooked down to remove some of the moisture. The benefit of this is that it contains much more protein and a more bioavailable form for your dog to digest more easily. It also contains vital nutrients like vitamin D, B-6, B-12, and magnesium.

Salmon meal is another meal product that is highly concentrated. It’s rich in fatty acids and helps maintain the health of your dog’s coat, skin, and nails.

Disadvantages of Evo Dog Food

It’s important to note that Evo Dog Food was involved in a major lawsuit in 2011. This lawsuit, part of a class action suit, claimed that Natura violated the California Business and Professions Code when advertising its pet food products. In doing so, it failed to accurately describe its food, giving it descriptors that indicated it was human-grade when in fact it was not.

Ultimately, both parties settled, but the lesson learned from this was that you can’t describe a pet food as human grade if it really is not. No harm came to any pets or humans during this lawsuit, but it is a point worth mentioning nonetheless.

The company was also involved in a voluntary recall in 2013. This was due to a single case of salmonella found in a 2.2 lb package of cat food.

Another disadvantage? Evo Dog Food has been discontinued for future production by Natura. However, you can still find it for sale with several retailers while supplies continue to last.

Pros & Cons of Evo Dog Food

If you’re shopping around for the perfect dog food brand, you might have an easier time if you look at a quick guide to the major benefits and disadvantages of the food first.

● Has a high protein content
● Includes real meat
● Closest thing to a raw food diet
● Contains no artificial preservatives or flavors
● Grain-free options are available
● Comes in multiple flavors
● Formulations available for dogs with specific health needs
● Similar to a dog’s ancestral diet
● Low carbohydrates
● Keeps your dogs’ coat shiny and healthy
● Requires smaller portion sizes due to the concentrated portions
● Unclear how the fish is sourced for these products
● One of the more expensive options
● Product has been discounted
● Can be difficult of find in some stores
● Multiple recalls and lawsuits have occurred
● Some dogs don’t handle the high protein content well

Cost of Evo Dog Food

You will pay a bit more for Evo Dog Food than you will for comparable dog food. For a 28-pound bag of dry food, you will pay anywhere between $60 and $85, depending on the recipe. For a twelve pack containing 13-ounce wet food cans, you’ll pay about $25 to $30 or about $2.30 per can (which is cheaper than buying individual cans).

The price varies depending on the retailer, but many pet food retailers offer regular discounts on this brand.

Where to Buy Evo Dog Food

There are several places where you can buy Evo Dog Food despite the fact that it is no longer being manufactured. Chewy is one such example. Jet and Petsmart occasionally offer this brand, too. You may also be able to find specialty dog food stores and veterinarian offices.

Customer Reviews of Evo Dog Food

Customers love the natural ingredients found in Evo Dog Food. not only does this food contain excellent sources of protein, like beef, buffalo, lamb, and chicken, but it also contains supplemental ingredients that are good sources of vitamins and dietary fiber.

Cottage cheese is one unique ingredient that many customers mention in their reviews. It not only offers your dog a ton of protein, but is also rich in calcium (as are the alfalfa sprouts included in this food) along with vitamin B12 and selenium.

The main complaint of Evo Dog Food has to do not necessarily with just the Evo brand, but with all high-protein dog food in general. Some customers have reported that their dogs developed dry, brittle-looking coats. While it’s unclear why, exactly, this could happen, many dog owners speculate that it is caused by feeding too much protein.

While some protein can help improve the quality of your dog’s coat and skin, too much can be detrimental. Therefore, you may want to transition your dog over to this food slowly to see how he does.

Is Evo Dog Food a Good Choice for My Dog?

Evo Dog Food contains high-quality ingredients that are good for your dog and easy to digest. There are no animal byproducts or artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, or preservatives. No fish meals that have been preserved with ethoxyquin are used, either, which is a rare feature of dog food but is incredibly helpful for his health.

There are very few issues related to feeding your dog Evo Dog Food. although it’s a bit more expensive than similar dog foods on the market, it is still cheaper than transitioning completely to a raw food diet – and is, therefore, something you may want to consider.

However, it’s important to remember that Evo Dog Food is no longer being manufactured. Wheel it’s a good option if you’re looking for a food to temporarily feed your dog, it’s not one you will want to get used to. It may make sense to use Evo Dog Food if you are interested in transitioning your dog to a raw food or ancestral diet, as it can serve as a great bridge for sensitive stomachs.

Otherwise, you might want to think about choosing another high-protein brand, since this one will likely be difficult to reliably find in stores later on.

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