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A dog camera is a great tool to have if you work long hours away from the house – and this camera by Furbo Dog Camera is arguably the best of the best.

There’s a reason why dogs are considered mans’ best friend. Is there anything more rewarding and comforting than having your dog run up to you, tail wagging furiously with excitement, as soon as you get home?

We don’t think so. That’s why it’s important that you consider this camera by Furbo Dog Camera, a unique product that will make it possible for you to get that “aw” moment all day long – and not just when you’re first returning home.

Who Makes the Furbo Dog Camera?

The Furbo Dog Camera is manufactured by a multinational pet technology startup owned by Victor Chang. The concept for the Furbo Dog Camera was launched in 2014, which is when the camera was initially released. This was done via a unique crowdfunding campaign that rapidly became ahit.

In fact, the Furbo Dog Camera is one of the most rapidly growing campaigns to date, with the goal for funding reached in just eight short hours.

This camera has the reputation as being one of the world’s best interactive pet cameras. It can also be used as a pet’s assistant, training device, and treat dispenser. It’s been positively reviewed by a variety of publications, including the New York Times, Tech Crunch, Huffington Post, and more.

What You Get

Curious About what’s in the box? When you buy the Furbo Dog Camera, you’ll get the device itself (which weighs just over two pounds) along with an instructional manual, a 2M USB cable, and a power adapter. You’ll also get a free sample pack of treats!

When you purchase this camera, you will also get a cloud service that offers a 90-day recording trial. You’ll get a “doggy diary,” too, which will let you log your pet notes and smart alerts.

Features and Benefits

Dog-Friendly Design

With its sleek hourglass shape and its wide base, you’ll love how attractive this dog camera is. However, it’s also dog-friendly. Your dog might scratch and pwa at the machine once it’s first installed. After all, he’ll be curious! However, this camera is strong and durable and can hold up to anything your dog tries to do to it.

Easy Installation

If you’re not the most technologically savvy person, getting a dog camera that’s easy to install is essential. This dog camera fits the bill. Even if you don’t have a ton of technological skills, you’ll be able to set up your Furbo in just a few minutes. You’ll Get access to helpful customer support, too, in case you run into any trouble.

Three Types of Alerts

With the Furbo Dog camera, you’ll be able to get three different kinds of alerts. This is superior to other dog cameras, which usually only alert you to sound and motion. With the Smart Dog Recognition Technology that Furbo is famous for, you’ll be notified of three different situations:

● A Dog Activity Alert
● A Person Alert
● A Dog Selfie Alert

With the Dog Activity Alert, you’ll be notified any time your dog is moving. With the Person Alert, you will be notified any time a person enters the view. This means the Furbo Dog Camera can double up as a security camera, too. The final alert is the Dog Selfie Alert, which will tell you when your dog is facing the camera.

It is important to note that, for these three alerts, you will need to purchase the Furbo Do Nanny subscription. You’ll get a 90-day free trial when you buy the camera, though, so you can try it out.

Attractive Appearance

Some people are hesitant to install dog cameras because they’re worried they will distract from the overall aesthetic of their homes. Not the case with this dog camera! It is sleek and sturdy and will not impact the appearance of your living area in the slightest. It makes a gorgeous statement no matter where you decide to put it!

Treat Dispenser

A major reason behind many dog owners’ purchases of dog cameras is that they can dispense treats. This is a great tool if you’re trying to train your dog or just want to give him snacks between breakfast and dinner. The camera comes with a slinger that dispenses treats up to six feet away.

Wide Angle Viewing

The viewing angle of the Furbo Dog Camera is second to none. It can view at 160 degrees, making it easy for you to see what your dogs are doing at any time of the night or day. You can also zoom with it.

Indicator Lights

The Furbo also comes with indicator lights. The color of the light will tell you different things, such as:

● When the Furbo is plugged into power
● When you can set up the Furbo
● When you are connected or disconnected from the INternet
● When Furbo is being used (somebody is logged onto the app)

WiFi Capabilities

Connecting to the Internet is simple with the Furbo Dog Camera. You just need a smartphone and a 2.4 GHz connection. You can then install the app on your Android or iPhone. You will need to create a Furbo account, but as long as you have good WiFi, you won’t have any problems.

If you’re having issues with your connection, your app will even automatically massage the Furbo Support Team for you.

Voice Recording

Want to be able to say hello to your pet? You can record a greeting that will play just before you dispense treats. This will encourage your dog to come running from anywhere it might be in the house. You can change the volume, too.

Two Way Chat

A fun feature of some dog cameras is the ability for you to chat with your dog while you’re out of the house. The Furbo Dog Camera offers just that! All you have to do is press an icon on your phone to enable the feature.

Ability to Use on Two Phones

You don’t need to fight with your partner about who gets to watch the dog during the day! Instead, you can both load the app on your phone so that you can both keep tabs on your dog at the same time.

Compatibility with Alexa

If you have Alexa, you can enable features that will let you control your Furbo by speaking to Alexa.

Daily Dog Diary

When you’re training your dog, it’s important to be able to keep tabs on what you (and he) are doing. You can view a 60-second video snapshot of the day and it will store videos of your dog so you can see changes and updates later on.

Adjustable Barking Alert

If you live in a quiet neighborhood, the barking alert is a fantastic feature. It can pick up on a dog’s barking even when the Furbo is located in a separate area of the house. It will let you know when and if your dog is barking, giving you a heads up in case somebody has stopped by your house.

Pros & Cons
● Easy to set up
● Can be used on just about any kind of smartphone
● Offers two-way chat capabilities
● Has a barking alert and treat dispenser
● Comes with free two-day shipping
● Includes a one-year warranty
● You’ll get access to 24-hour customer support
● Doesn’t have the ability to pan (although it can zoom)


Using Furbo Dog Camera as a Training Tool

The Furbo Dog Camera is one of the best tools you can have in your toolbox if you are trying to train your dog to engage in positive behaviors. It can be used for both adult dogs and puppies, as it will allow you to issue both reprimands and commands and to reward good behavior with the dispensable treat.

Customer Reviews of the Furbo Dog Camera

Customer reviews for the camera by Furbo Dog Camera are overwhelmingly positive. Not only do dog owners love how easy this camera is to set up, but they also appreciate how safe it is. It is stable and hardy and has been tested by dogs of all breeds, temperaments, and size.

There are very few complaints echoed in customer reviews. However, it does need to be connected to an electrical outlet at all times, which can be a bit of a hassle if you were hoping to be able to use this device on battery power.

That also means that you will lose the connection if there is a power outage.

You also need to be careful about using the “fetch” feature on this camera. Although the fetch feature is a fun tool that can really take supervising your pet to the next level, you need to be careful about using it if you aren’t sure where the threat will end up. It could cause injury to your pet or damage things in your home.

The only other complaint about the Furbo Dog Camera has to do with connectivity, but often, this is related more to poor WiFi signal than any fault of the camera itself.

Where to Buy the Furbo Dog Camera

You can find the Furbo Dog Camera on Amazon, but it can also be purchased directly from the manufacturer. One of the benefits of buying direct is that you’ll get free two-day international and domestic shipping. In addition, you’ll be eligible for a one-year warranty that covers just about any damage (as long as you don’t try to do your own repairs or submerge the camera in water).

So what are you waiting for? If you’re looking for a unique way to be able to interact with your dog during the day, you’ve got to consider this fun camera by Furbo Dog Camera.

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