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Blue Buffalo Cat Food Reviews

Finding an affordable cat food can be hard – but if you’ve read any of the thousands of Blue Buffalo cat food reviews online, you probably realize that this is a brand worth noticing.

Blue Buffalo offers a large line of cat food products for you to consider. Regardless of your cat’s needs or preferences, this is a brand that could very well be worth your time.

Intrigued? In our Blue Buffalo cat food review, we will tell you everything you need to know about this impressive brand.

Blue Buffalo Company Overview

Blue Buffalo is a relatively new company, launched in 2002 by Bill Bishop and his wife. Bishop had a career in advertising and marketing, working for big-name brands like Tropicana, American Express, Nabisco, and PErrier. In fact, Bishop was the cofounder of SoBe before the company was sold to Pepsi.

Later, Bishop’s interests expanded to a project that hit closer to home. After helping his own Airedale terrier, Blue, through various health problems, Bishop discovered his interests in natural pet food and decided to launch Blue Buffalo.

This multibillion-dollar company was launched in the early 2000s and was sold to General mills after sixteen years of operation. Today, it is one of the top natural pet food companies in the United States.

Blue Buffalo is produced by several manufacturers, including Tuffy’s Pet Foods, Triple T Foods, and Ainsworth Nutrition. The company also manufactures its own products, with manufacturing facilities in Richmond Indiana and Joplin, Missouri.

Ingredients in Blue Buffalo Cat Food

The nutritional profile of Blue Buffalo cat food varies depending on which formula you buy. However, most contain around 400-450 calories per cup. Both wet and dry foods are available.

You will find a wide variety of ingredients in Blue Buffalo cat food, all of which vary depending on the formula you select. Some of the most common ingredients include:

● Deboned chicken
● Pea protein
● Chicken meal
● Tapioca starch
● Peas
● Menhaden fish meal
● Pea fiber
● Dried egg product
● Flaxseed
● Sweet potatoes
● Carrots
● Potatoes
● Dried chicory root
● Cranberries
● Blueberries
● Barley grass

Varieties of Blue Buffalo Cat Food

Blue Buffalo has five separate cat food lines – original Blue, Blue Basics (a line of limited ingredient foods), Blue Wilderness (meat-dense foods), Blue Natural Veterinary Diet (a prescription-only food), and Blue Freedom (a line of grain-free foods).

Some of the most popular flavors and formulas include:

● Adult Tuna, Chicken, Fish, and Shrimp Wet FOod
● Wilderness High Protein Grain Free Chicken Dry Food
● Sensitive Stomach Chicken and Brown Rice Dry Food
● Wilderness Natural Chicken, Salmon, and Duck Pate Wet FOod
● Kitten Grain-Free Chicken Dry Food
● Indoor Kitten Chicken Recipe Grain-Free Dry Food
● Mature Grain-Free Turkey and Potato Dry Food
● Adult Weight Control Chicken Dry Food
● Wilderness Wild Delights Chicken And Trout Morsels in Gravy Wet Food
● Kitten Chicken and Brown Rice Dry Food
● Wilderness Salmon Dry Food
● WIlderness Adult High Protein Grain Free Indoor Hairball and Weight Control Chicken Dry Food
● Grain-Free Adult Indoor Chicken Dry Food
● Wilderness High Protein Grain Free Duck Dry Food
● LImited INgredient Grain Free Duck and Potato Indoor Food
● Healthy Gourmet Pate Ocean Fish and TUna Wet FOod
● Wilderness Mature Chicken Wet CatF Food
● Healthy Gourmet Flaked Tuna Wet FOod
● Freedom Grain_Free Adult INdoor Fish Dry Food
● Multi-Cat Chicken and Turkey Dry Food

Features and Benefits of Blue Buffalo Cat Food

There are lots of reasons to consider feeding your cat Blue Buffalo cat food. For one, there are grain-free and limited ingredient options to choose from – a must-have option if your cat is suffering from food allergies or similar sensitivities.

Many Blue Buffalo cat foods are also enhanced with “LifeSource Bits.” LifeSource Bits are small bits of kibble that not only taste great, but also contain concentrated doses of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

These foods have lower-than-average levels of carbohydrates. That’s a great feature to watch out for, especially if you are trying to help your cat maintain a healthy weight. They contain moderate amounts of fat and protein. Cats seem to love the flavor, which is a benefit when you’re trying to keep your cat’s weight down without totally destroying his appetite.

There are also blends that are designed specifically for cats who live indoors. Indoor cats are prone to certain health problems that you wouldn’t necessarily find with outdoor cats. For example, indoor cats are more likely to become obese, to develop hairballs, or to suffer from lower urinary tract disease since they aren’t as active.

Therefore, many Blue Buffalo cat foods contain ingredients like cranberries (which can fight urinary tract problems) and fiber, which can not only aid in healthy weight management but can also prevent the development of hairballs.

Disadvantages of Blue Buffalo Cat Food

Although Blue Buffalo is generally considered a high-quality cat food, there are some drawbacks to be aware of, too.

For example, Blue Buffalo cat food contains high amounts of concentrated plant protein. There’s nothing wrong with feeding your cat’s plant protein, except too much protein sourced from plants can give consumers the wrong impression. You might think that you are feeding your cat a diet composed primarily of meat protein, when in fact you are giving him protein sourced from peas and potatoes.

Cats can definitely eat these ingredients, and usually, it won’t cause any harmful effects (unless your cat has some preexisting health condition to be aware of that requires a special diet). However, you do have to watch out for weight gain, as the foods can contain a few too many carbohydrates for some pets.

You may also find that dry food blends don’t provide quite enough hydration for most pets. You might need to switch to wet food to prevent constipation and other issues related to inadequate moisture in the food.

Pros & Cons of Blue Buffalo Cat Food

● Dozens of options available for all sizes, diet types, and flavor preferences
● Both wet and dry foods available
● Affordable option, especially for a natural food
● Grain-free and limited ingredient formulas available
● Options specifically for indoor cats
● Can help with weight management and hairball control
● Prevents urinary tract infections
● Has added probiotics to improve digestive and immune functioning
● Found at just about every pet store both online as well as in-store
● Contains a high level of carbohydrates
● Has plant protein ingredients that can falsely elevate the protein content of the food
● Some cats have digestive upset when switching to this food
● Blue Buffalo has an extensive recall history
● Several lawsuits and controversies involving this company

Cost of Blue Buffalo Cat Food

Blue Buffalo cat food is affordably priced, especially when compared to other natural cat food brands. The average dry food will cost roughly $0.18 per ounce, while wet food is more expensive at around $0.23 to $0.25 per ounce.

In general, it will cost around $1.40 to $1.50 per day for you to feed your cat a diet consisting primarily of Blue Buffalo canned cat food.

Where to Buy Blue Buffalo Cat Food

One of the major benefits of purchasing Blue Buffalo cat food is that it is incredibly easy to find. This food is sold by most pet food retailers, both in-store as well as online. You can find this food on,, and even on Amazon.

It’s also sold in-store, with popular retailers including Petco, Tractor Supply, Petsmart, Walmart, Shaws, and more.

Customer Reviews of Blue Buffalo Cat Food

One of the biggest complaints about the Blue Buffalo brand is that the foods have been recalled several times. The most recent recall was in 2017, when a packaging issue caused problems with several Blue Buffalo dog foods. Other dog foods were recalled due to high levels of beef thyroid hormone.

Prior to that, some foods were recalled due to problems such as high moisture levels, potential mold contamination, contamination with propylene glycol, and other issues.

Recalls aren’t necessarily unusual when it comes to pet food, but they are definitely worth taking note of – especially if they are related to continuous manufacturing problems. Blue Buffalo has also been involved in several lawsuits and controversies. At one point, Purina, a competitor, accused Blue Buffalo for false advertising, and in another, Blue BUffalo was involved in a class-action lawsuit due to toxic levels of lead.

Nonetheless, customer reviews of Blue Buffalo cat food are positive. Customers claim that the foods have similar tastes and textures to options that do not contain natural ingredients, making it a smart choice for people who want a healthier cat food without making it difficult for their cat to enjoy the flavors.

Other customer reviews praise how well their pets responded to this food. It’s a great choice for cats with health issues like diabetes, as it can help maintain a healthy weight.

Is Blue Buffalo Cat Food a Good Choice for My Cat?

While some customers aren’t a fan of the large amount of plant matter in Blue Buffalo cat foods, the fact of the matter remains that adding plant matter to a cat food is a great way to keep costs down without sacrificing the health of your cat.

Of course, if you are looking for a 100% natural diet, Blue Buffalo might not be the way to go – in the wild, your cat would most likely eat a diet composed primarily of meat.

However, there’s nothing wrong with feeding your pet cat food with some plant protein thrown in. With lots of flavors to choose from and a long list of positive Blue Buffalo cat food reviews, you might as well give this classic brand a try.

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