Best Dog Food For Allergies

You might think that you’re the only one that gets a case of the sniffles when the pollen and dust come around, but unfortunately, your dog can suffer from allergies, too.

There are all kinds of allergies to which dogs are susceptible. They can suffer from dust, fleas, pollen, grass, mold, and, like humans, even food.

If you want your dog to feel better and to live a healthier, happier life, it might be time to give one of these ideas of the best dog food for allergies a try.

Symptoms of Dog Food Allergies

There are plenty of symptoms to be on the lookout for. If you notice that your dog has any of the following issues, allergies might be to blame.

● Scabs
● Rashes
● Chronic ear infections
● Diarrhea
● Vomiting
● Gas
● Inflamed or red skin
● Itching that leads to biting or scratching at the paws, skin, and ears

Unfortunately, as with humans, there are all kinds of foods that can cause allergic reactions in dogs. If it’s a food allergy and not an environmental allergy that’s causing your dog to suffer, you’ll likely notice irritation that is limited to the ears and paws. You might also notice that your dog has an increased likelihood of digestive upset.

There are all kinds of ingredients that can cause allergic reactions, including beef, chicken, yeast, soy, corn, wheat, dairy, and egg.

It can be difficult to determine the cause of your dog’s allergic reaction. Usually, following an elimination diet that cuts out one or two ingredients at a time can help you figure out which ingredient is causing allergic reactions.

In general, the best dog food for allergies will have a limited list of ingredients. It will also contain high levels of omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids, both of which can encourage healthy skin.

If you only notice a few symptoms at certain times of the year, it’s probably some kind of environmental allergen that’s causing your dog’s suffering, so changing up the food probably won’t help. However, if it is the food, you will need to try an elimination diet which will help you figure out what ingredients are causing the allergies.

Best Dog Food for Allergies

Canidae Grain Free PURE

Canidae is a well-known dog food brand that specializes in healthy, natural foods for all kinds of pups. The PURE line of grain-free dog food is one of the best dog foods for allergies. There are lots of flavors available, most of which are in unusual protein sources like bufalo, lamb, duck, venison, and boar. Traditional flavors like chicken are also available.

This line of dog food was developed specifically for dogs with sensitive stomachs and food allergies. It uses limited ingredients so it will be easier for you to narrow down what’s causing your dog’s problems.

These foods never contain any wheat, corn, or soy.

● High protein
● LImited carbohydrates
● Lots of flavors available
● A bit pricey for a 12 lb bag
Taste of the Wild PREY

The PREY line by Taste of the Wild is another superb limited ingredient food for you to consider. It’s one of the best dog foods for allergies because it provides ingredients that are close to what a dog would eat in the wild.

Each “Prey” dog food is made with non-GMO, grain-free ingredients. Each bag has four ingredients or less, making it unlikely that your dog will suffer from any ill effects. It’s a great option for dogs who are just beginning their elimination diet journeys.

● 27% protein
● Non-GMO ingredients
● Only four ingredients per bag
● Expensive
Purina Pro Plan Hydrolyzed Veterinary Diet

Sometimes, it takes a veterinarian’s help to figure out what kinds of foods are causing your dog problems. Purina Pro Plan offers a hydrolyzed dog food that is based in soy. This food has just one source of carbohydrates and a hydrolyzed soy protein. It is broken down into tiny, easily digested pieces that make it a better option for dogs with sensitivities.

● Recommended by vets
● Better for dogs with sensitive stomachs
● Vegetarian food
● Must be prescribed by a veterinarian
NomNomNow Customizable Food

NomNomNow is a relatively uncommon dog food brand, and it can be a bit pricey. However if you really want to solve your dog’s food allergies, this is the way to go.

With NomNomNow, you’ll get pre-portioned, made to order dog food via a subscription plan. It’s fresh and not dry, but it’s made with restaurant-grade ingredients so you won’t have to worry about preservatives, chemicals, or artificial flavors like you normally do in dry dog food.

To create your customized food, you’ll have to fill out a brief survey about your dog, including your dog’s ideal weight, flavor preferences, and allergy symptoms.

● Everything is customized to your dog’s needs
● Fresh food with no artificial ingredients
● Made out of restaurant-grade ingredients
● Less dense than kibble, so fat and protein ratios may be off
FreshPet Select and Vital

FreshPet doesn’t come cheap, but it’s a high-quality dog food that is meant to be refrigerated. It is cooked and prepared according to USDA and FDA standards. This isn’t required of dog foods, but is certainly a nice feature to see when you’re looking for good dog foods for your favorite furry friend.

There are a handful of brands you can choose from when you shop FreshPet’s vast selection, but the “Vital” and “Select” lines are the best for dogs with digestive problems or food sensitivities.

One of the nicest features of FreshPet is that you can customize your dog’s food based on his unique needs, allergies, and dietary goals. FreshPet will provide you with the dog food that matches those needs perfectly.

There are several types of protein you can choose from, including lamb, egg, beef, chicken, bison, ocean whitefish, turkey, and salmon. The foods do not contain any preservatives or rendered meat. Because each food is gently cooked and packaged in a pouch or roll, it will contain the highest level of preserved nturitens, too.

● Has lots of protein choices available
● Does not contain preservatives or rendered meat
● Customized to your dog’s needs
● Must be refrigerated
Blue Buffalo Natural Veterinary Diet

The Blue Buffalo Natural line of foods is another veterinarian-recommended brand that requires a prescription. It’s perfect for a dog with a sensitive stomach or allergies, since it contains novel protein sources and hydrolyzed protein sources, too. It also includes uniquely engineered gastrointestinal support to help dogs who are intolerant of other kinds of proteins.

You can buy this dog food in a wet or dry kibble form. Again, you’ll have to visit a veterinarian in order to get a prescription.

● One of the more affordable prescription-only foods
● Has 24% protein
● Contains novel protein to limit allergens
● Must be prescribed by a veterinarian
Wellness Simple Limited

Again, a limited ingredient diet is essential if you’re trying to figure out what’s causing your dog’s allergy symptoms. To that end, the Wellness Simple Limited line of dog food is a great option for you to consider. You’ll be able to choose from salmon, lamb, turkey, and duck, all of which are rich in omega fatty acids.

Each food contains only one source of protein along with easily digestible carbohydrates. There are also no additives or fillers for you to worry about, either.

● Ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs
● Rich in omega-fatty acids
● Only one source of protein
● Not as much protein as some of the other dog food options
Nutro Limited Ingredient Diet

A final limited ingredient diet – and arguably the best dog food for allergies – is the Nutro Limited Ingredient Diet dog food. This product contains very few potential allergens, eliminating common sources of irritation like wheat and corn. Instead, it incorporates novel protein sources like venison and lamb to help boost your dog’s health and wellness.

Not only that, but this dog food contains fish-based formulas that are rich in omega 3s and 6s. This is perfect for dogs who have skin allergies. These foods also contain no artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors.

● Great for dogs with sensitivities to traditional proteins, like chicken and beef
● Affordably priced
● Contains no wheat and corn
● Only 16% protein

Tips for Helping Your Dog Overcome His Allergies

While there are some tips that you can follow to help your dog get through his allergies, unfortunately, it may be difficult. Allergies can affect any breed of dog, but are more common among beagles, boxers, collies, dachshunds, poodles, retrievers, and several other breeds.

Choosing a dog food with limited ingredients is usually going to be your best bet in helping your dog muddle through his allergies. Grain-free dog food is another good choice, but only if your dog has a sensitivity to gluten. If you’re switching to a grain-free food, you may want to try doing so in a wet version first, as it can be more palatable.

You might also want to try novel ingredient dog food, which will use a protein that your dog hasn’t tried before. Beef and chicken are common allergies, so giving duck, salmon, or venison a try can help. So, too, can prescription dog food. This can be pricey, but if your dog is having severe allergies, it may be worth the money.

No matter what kind of food you try, know that it may take up to ten weeks to see any change in your dog’s symptoms.

As always, make sure you check in with a trusted veterinarian to make sure allergies are to blame for your dog’s symptoms and not some other health issue. Hopefully, switching to one of these feeds will help get your dog feeling better soon!

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