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American Journey Dog Food Review

If you’ve ever shopped online with, you probably already know how diverse this dog food retailer’s offerings are. Not only can you buy your pup’s favorite dog food brand here, but you can also purchase things like feeding and watering accessories, toys, treats, basic medications, and more. is a one-stop-shop for everything dog, so it makes sense that the company has its own house brands of cat and dog foods. But are they any good?

In our American Journey Dog Food review, we will tell you everything you need to know about one of those brands – the American Journey Dog Food brand.

American Journey Company Overview

American Journey is a dog food brand that can be purchased only at Although the dog food line was the first that was released, now offers a cat food line. You can buy all kinds of foods in the American Journey brand, including dry food, wet food, treats, food toppings, freeze-dried foods, supplements, and even treats.

There is no separate website for American Journey, so you aren’t likely to find more information on the company by visiting its page. However, as per the information via the website, you’ll find that American Journey Dog Foods are made in the United States. Since it is a private label brand, regularly offers discounts on this dog food.

Most ingredients are sourced from locations within the United States, but this depends on availability. Some products are also sourced from Mexico, Chile, Canada, New Zealand, Austria, Netherlands, Germany, and Switzerland.

American Journey Dog Food is manufactured at a third-party facility in Kansas. While it’s difficult to find reliable information on who owns this facility, it’s most likely that American Journey Dog Foods are manufactured and packed at Mars Petcare, the company that packages products like Royal Canin, Iams, and Eukanuba.

Ingredients in American Journey Dog Food

Common ingredients in American Journey Dog Food include:
● Deboned chicken
● Chicken meal
● Peas
● Brown rice
● Pea protein
● Rice bran
● Chicken fat
● Barley
● Turkey meal
● Brewers rice
● Dried egg product
● Dried plain beet pulp
● Sweet potatoes
● Oatmeal
● Carrots
● Blueberries
● Cranberries

Each ingredient is uniquely formulated to support the health of your dog. While the chicken and protein provide ample amounts of protein to support healthy bone, skin, and muscle development, unique ingredients like cranberries are selected to support the urinary tract health of your pup.

Varieties of American Journey Dog Food to Try

There are all kinds of American Journey Dog Food formulations for your pup to give a try. There are options available for a special diet, including:

● Corn-free
● Soy-free
● Wheat-free
● Grain-free
● Gluten-free
● Sensitive digestion
● Pea-free
● Weight control
● Limited ingredient diet
● High-protein

There are foods for adult, puppy, and senior dogs, in textures like shredded meat, minced meat, pate, and stew meat. You can even buy dog foods for various breed sizes, including extra small and toy, small, medium, large, and giant. Basically, you can customize your dog food to every unique feature of your dog.

Some of the most popular varieties of American Journey Dog Food include:

● Lamb and Sweet Potato
● Chicken and Brown Rice
● Peanut Butter Treats
● Poultry and Beef
● Beef and Sweet Potato
● Grain-Free Beef Soft and Chewy Training Bits
● Grain-Free Oven-Baked Chicken Crunchy Treats
● Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil Liquid Supplement
● Salmon Recipe
● Duck and Sweet Potato

Features and Benefits of American Journey Dog Food

There are plenty of protein sources to be found in American Journey Dog Food. Not only does this chow contain whole meats like beef and chicken, but it also contains things like chicken and turkey meal.

Animal meals are often frowned upon when it comes to dog food ingredients, but they aren’t always a bad thing. As long as the meat is from an identifiable source, it can actually be a healthful additive to dog food for your pup.

Why? Animal meals, like chicken meals, are meat concentrates that contain more digestible protein than fresh or frozen meats. This is because much of the moisture is removed during processing that otherwise “waters’ ‘ down fresh meats.

This dog food also contains ingredients like peas. Peas are rich in natural fiber and quality carbohydrates. They also contain a large amount of protein. Chicken fat is another ingredient we love – although it sounds a bit gross, it’s high in linoleic acid, which is an omega-6 fatty acid that dogs need for a healthy life.

Since American Journey is a relatively new brand, there have been no recalls reported at this time. That’s great news, as this indicates its safety when it comes to feeding it to your pup.

Disadvantages of American Journey Dog Food

There are several ingredients in American Journey Dog Food that we aren’t too crazy about. One of these is brown rice. Although brown rice isn’t an inherently unhealthy ingredient, it’s not something that your dog would be likely to eat in the wild. It produces a lot of natural energy, but it’s only of modest nutritional value and therefore doesn’t really play much of a role in dog food.

Two other ingredients that fall into this category are brewers rice and barley.brewers rice is a by-product cereal grain that consists of tiny fragments that are left after milling whole rice. It has minimal nutritional value, as does barley. Barley, at least, does supply a fair amount of energy and carbohydrates.

There are lots of other ingredients in American Journey Dog FOod, like flaxseed, that add to the protein content of the food. While that’s undoubtedly a good thing – more protein is usually better for growing dogs – the high amount of non-meat protein sources begs the question of how much actual meat is in the dog food.

Pros & Cons of American Journey Dog Food

Looking for a quick list of American Journey Dog Food benefits and disadvantages? Here’s a short list of the top pros and cons.

● Contains natural ingredients like real chicken and turkey
● Animal meals are derived from a natural source
● High-protein feeds up to 28%
● Contains flaxseed for protein, fiber, and omega-3s
● Available in several package sizes
● Affordable option
● Includes some high carbohydrate foods
● Some protein sources do not come directly from meat
● High level of carbohydrates in some foods – up to 48%
● Only available from and Petsmart

Cost of American Journey Dog Food
Compared to other dog food brands, American Journey Dog Food is a relatively affordable brand. Even the grain-free formulations won’t break the bank – the 24 lb bags cost about $40. offers regular coupons and subscription discounts, too. For example, if you sign up for an auto-shipment plan that regularly sends new deliveries of the food to your house, you can get around $4 off per order.

Although the smaller bags of food are less expensive overall, you’ll pay more per ounce. That said, small bags are available if having a large bag of dog food around the house is not practical.

Some products sold by American Journey even come with special deep discounts. For example, you can sometimes get a 50% discount if you’re trying American Journey for the first time and sign up for emails.

Where to Buy American Journey Dog Food

You can purchase American Journey Dog Food directly from, its original distributor. Interestingly, though, Petsmart has begun selling various American Journey products too. You can purchase these both online and in-store. This is a huge benefit, as it will allow you to run out to your local dog food store if you happen to run out of food between your regular shipments.

Customer Reviews of American Journey Dog Food

For the most part, customer reviews of American Journey Dog Food are positive. The more positive and glowing review praises the taste and affordability of the dog food. They like that there are so many flavors and varieties available, particularly for dogs who have special health needs.

As for complaints, these are few and far between. Some people are dissatisfied about’s lack of transparency when it comes to who actually manufactures the food for them. Others don’t like that it’s difficult to find information about where the ingredients are sourced from.

There are a few reviewers that claim that their dogs suffer from digestive or gastrointestinal upsets after switching to this food. It’s hard to tell what exactly caused these upsets, though. Often, dogs suffer from digestive issues when switching dog food brands because the change is made too abruptly. Therefore, it’s important to always transition your dog over slowly to a new dog food – in fact, it’s best done over a period of six to seven days.

Is American Journey Dog Food a Good Choice for My Dog?

When you’re trying to find the right dog food for your four-legged friend, you no doubt want to settle for nothing less than the best. It can be tough to find the right formula!

However, American Journey seems to be a good choice. There are plenty of options for your dog’s various nutritional and dietary needs, as determined by his size, age, health, and other traits. You’ll Want to consider whether the ingredients are high-quality when you’re evaluating the legitimacy of a dog food brand, and in this case, it seems like most are good for your pup.

The most important factor, however, will undoubtedly come down to a taste test with the man himself – your dog! Make sure you give him plenty of time to get adjusted to a new dog food, but we’re confident that he’ll give American Journey four paws up when it comes to the flavor.

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