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Abound Cat Food Reviews

There is nothing more convenient than being able to pick up a bag of your cat’s favorite cat food at your local grocery store. That way, you won’t have to make a special trip to the pet food warehouse.

However, if your cat is on a special diet or likes a certain type of food, that can not only be difficult, but downright impossible.

Abound Cat Food is a special cat food brand marketed and designed by Kroger grocery stores. If you shop at Kroger, you’ll love that this top-shelf brand is offered in a convenient format and location. But if your cat isn’t currently eating this brand of cat food, you might be a bit skeptical about what it has to offer.

Don’t be. There are plenty of reasons to give Abound Cat Food, as you’ll find reading the hundreds of positive Abound Cat Food reviews on the web. We’ll give you a brief overview in our comprehensive review.

Abound Company Overview

Launched in 2014, Abound is a relatively new brand of cat food that is nevertheless making its mark on the pet food industry. It’s one of Kroger’s newest brands of pet food and is marketed to the budget-conscious, health-minded consumer. If you like a natural food for your pet, then Abound is the way to go.

Not only does Abound hit the mark by offering recipes that are free from controversial ingredients like wheat, soy, and corn, but the foods are all-natural, too, with no artificial flavorings, preservatives, or colors.

Amount produces its cat food in the United States. It’s made by Sunshine Mills, a pet food manufacturer with facilities around the country. This company makes food for brands like Sportsman’s Pride, Triumph, Hi-Tor, Evolve, and more. Most ingredients are sourced from farms and producers in the United States, though others do come from locations abroad, too.

Ingredients in Abound Cat Food

Abound Cat Food has wholesome ingredients that your cat will love. These ingredients are specially selected and formulated to include the nutrients that your cat would have access to in the wild, including real proteins and fresh vegetables. There are plenty of options available so you’ll have something to choose for any picky eater.

Just to name a few? Deboned salmon, brown rice, and chicken meal. Salmon and chicken meal are both excellent sources of protein. The latter has had the fat and water removed so it has nearly three times as much protein as its fresh counterpart. On average, a cup of Abound Cat Food contains around 330-400 calories per cup, which is about average when compared to other pet food brands.

Other popular ingredients include:

● Oatmeal
● Turkey meal
● Animal fat
● Whole ground barley
● Potatoes
● Brewers dried yeast
● Dried whey
● Carrots cranberries
● Flaxseed meal
● Dried kelp
● Cobalt carbonate

For the most part, Abound Cat Food contains primary sources of fats that come from animals. This is great news, as it means that the cat food closely mimics the natural diet of your feline friend. Unfortunately, Abound Cat Food also contains a high level of carbohydrates. Although most of these carbohydrates come from plants, they aren’t exactly natural when it comes to being included in a wild cat’s diet.

Varieties of Abound Cat Food to Try

Abound offers a wide variety of foods, including wet and dry formulations that are both grain-free and grain-inclusive. All are free from wheat, corn, and soy and include meat as the primary ingredient. There is no animal byproduct meal in the cat foods, nor are there any artificial flavors, preservatives, or colors.

Here are some of the most popular Abound Cat Food flavors:

● Chicken and Brown Rice
● Whitefish and Chickpea
● Salmon and Brown Rice
● Grain-Free Chicken and Chickpea
● Kitten Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe
● Superfood Blend Herring, Egg, and Sweet Potato
● Shredded Chicken in Gravy
● Salmon Pate
● 3-Flavor Variety Cat Food
● Salmon and Sweet Potato Stew in Gravy
● Turkey Stew with Vegetables in Gravy
● Grain-Free Shredded Salmon Aand Chicken in Gravy

Features and Benefits of Abound Cat Food

Abound Cat Food includes all-natural ingredients that your cat needs to improve his healthy muscle development. Not only are recipes rich in protein and inclusive of easy-to-digest protein, but they also do not contain artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, or animal by-product meal. There is also no wheat, corn, or soy.

There are plenty of flavors of Abound Cat Food available so you can spoil your cat any day of the week. They are sold in variety packs as well as in individual packages.

Abound Cat Food even sells dental treats that are helpful in preventing the buildup of tartar. As your cat chews the delicious crunchy treats – each of which is rich in protein – he will help reduce the buildup of plaque and tartar on his teeth. No more expensive dental bills!

It’s also worth mentioning that Abound even sells natural clumping cat litter. This cat litter works effectively to trap and absorb odors on contact, while at the same time trapping bacteria that can cause odors. It’s made out of 100% US-farmed grass seed and has no added perfumes or chemicals – just another Abound product you’ll want to add to your lineup!

Disadvantages of Abound Cat Food

One important fact to note about Abound Cat Food is that it was recalled in 2018. The recall occurred in December of that year and had to do with elevated levels of vitamin D in several packaged foods meant for dogs.

It was just one in a sequence of recalls and Abound was not the only brand. However, nine of the recalls were connected to Sunshine Mills, which, if you recall, is the same manufacturer that produces Abound food.

This is important to note, as there are plenty of cat food producers out there who have not undergone recalls. While this recall was nearly two years ago and not limited to Abound (and also connected to dogs instead of cat food), a recall is serious business worth paying attention to.

Elevated Levels Of vitamin D can cause symptoms of lethargy, vomiting, excessive salivation, weight loss, and in extreme cases, kidney failure. Six dogs became ill prior to this recall, and while the food was pulled from the shelf immediately, you’ll want to keep an eye out for similar notices in the future if you choose to go with Abound Cat Food.

Cost of Abound Cat Food

Abound Cat Food isn’t the cheapest cat food out there, but it isn’t the priciest, either. It’s more expensive than traditional store brands but less expensive than other grain-free options. Most wet foods by Abound cost around $1.50 per day, while dry food ranges from $0.25 to $0.35 per day, depending on the bag size and formulation.

Of course, there are always ways to save. Kroger’s offers regular discounts and when you buy larger packages you will also save a bit on overall feeding expenses.

Where to Buy Abound Cat Food

At this time, Abound Cat Food is only sold in traditional brick and mortar stores. It cannot be purchased from major retailers like Amazon and Chewy.

You can purchase Abound Cat Food at Kroger grocery stores along with other stores in the Kroger brand, such as Fred Meyer, Metro Market, FoodsCo, Dillons, City Markets, Mariano’s Fresh Market, King Soopers, and Smith’s Food and Drug.

If these stores are not available in your local area, another option is to purchase Abound Cat Food online through, a Kroger-owned website and retailer.

Customer Reviews of Abound Cat Food

Because Abound is a relatively new brand, there aren’t a lot of Abound Cat Food reviews out there just yet. The company doesn’t have a presence with Consumer Affairs and you won’t find much information about it when you search various pet food formulas.

Most Abound Cat Food reviews, however, are overwhelmingly positive. Reviewers claim that the foods are inexpensive and species-appropriate and that there aren’t many unnatural ingredients in the food. Cats seem to like the taste and despite being grain-free, it’s also affordable.

One negative review you’ll find when reading Abound Cat Food review is that some of the foods contain “natural flavor.” It’s unclear what, exactly, natural flavor is, but we suspect it’s probably an additive made out of hydrolyzed animal tissue. This isn’t necessarily harmful to cats, but it’s not a natural part of their diet, either. Customers don’t like seeing ingredients they can’t identify, and we don’t blame them!

Another criticism of Abound Cat Food is that it contains a variety of synthetic amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. It’s worth noting that this is very common with cat food, however, and doesn’t have a negative impact on the health of your pet. These ingredients simply offer nutritional benefits in a more digestible form.

Is Abound Cat Food a Good Choice for My Cat?

Abound Cat Food is a good choice for most cats. It offers a high protein content with minimal levels of carbohydrates and virtually zero harmful additives that are found in other cat foods, like artificial colors and flavors. The wet foods, in fact, are some of the most affordable without sacrificing quality.

Other than that, Abound Cat Food is an average cat food brand with an average reputation. Although it eliminates ingredients like wheat, soy, and corn, it still has a high level of carbohydrates, which is something you will want to keep in mind if you are watching your pet’s weight.

Nevertheless, if you shop at Kroger or a Kroger family store, Abound Cat Food is a great choice of food for your cat.

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